Pre-Departure Information

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About the country and cultural awareness Tanzania, officially the United Republic of Tanzania, is a relatively large country in East Africa with about 58 million inhabitants. The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma though the biggest city with the highest number of inhabitants is Dar es Salaam. Tanzania has freedom of religion and the various religious groups coexist peacefully.

It is important to respect all cultural differences, Swimwear is appropriate at all beach resort (when visiting Zanzibar) and at your hotel/lodge pool, but not in town. Topless sunbathing is prohibited. Dressing according to the culture would involve covering shoulders, knees and cleavage. Also be careful with transparent clothing.

Permission should be requested before taking close-up/direct photographs of local people Language There are more than 100 different languages spoken across Tanzania, but the official language is Kiswahili and English Although many Tanzanians who are living in the city also speak English. The amount of English that the Tanzanian speak varies, Some speak English fluently and some just a few words Any effort you are to say a few words in the local language will be greeted with great delight.