Mega Adventures is an adventure travel company based in Moshi, a small town nestled under the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Brought to fruition by two passionate indigenous adventurers, the company’s goal is to share its founder’s passion for adventure and everything wild while promoting sustainable, Eco-friendly tourism. Its team of expert staff maintains its professionalism with over 25 years of combined experience in the Tanzanian tourism industry. Our love for the outdoors and for places unexplored has always pushed us to pioneer unconventional safaris away from the crowds, guaranteeing our guests the most intimate experiences with nature. We’re the first company in Moshi and among a few in Tanzania to offer Motorbike safaris in the most remote of places in Tanzania. We’ve also outfitted climbers who challenged themselves by trying to scale Kilimanjaro without the aid of porters, by providing them with all the essentials for such a trek, the first such company to do so we believe. In our commitment to tackle global warming and secure a better future for our planet, we’re offsetting our carbon emissions from all our safaris by supporting the conservation of forests in Tanzania and by helping the planting of trees in deforested areas. These projects also provide incentives for the local communities living around these vulnerable forests to help in protecting them for the future generations.

Mohamed Atik is the company’s Managing Director and head logistics coordinator. His strength lies in his organizational skills, experience as a tour operator in safari scene and his community involvement. He has for years worked in collaboration with other tour operators and has a thorough knowledge of a Tanzanian tour companies operations. Mohammed also maintains a strong presence in all company operations (from the office to field), ensuring unsurpassed quality and service is provided in order to secure complete customer satisfaction. Thus all clients are assured that under his leadership, an African experience of lifetime is guaranteed.

Mubarak Atik is a company director and safari specialist. He is a graduate of the Mweka College of wildlife. His strengths lie in his vast skills on flora and fauna attained from the college. Not only does he have the knowledge of the wild, but he also has great experience and the combination of his skills make him the perfect field operator for any safari destination in Tanzania.

Philippa is our scandinavian branch manager. Philippa first arrived in Tanzania in 2018, where she traveled for an internship in the Kilimanjaro region as a Nurse. Since then, her love for Tanzania grew immensely; she wanted to establish herself within this beautiful country and make it available to other Scandinavians. She partnered with the Mega Adventures team to pursue adventure and everything wild and is delighted she can share this experience with other people back home and around the world.
Philippa has visited Tanzania very often since 2018. She is well acquainted with the country, culture, and how everything works down to daily routines and customs of Tanzanians. She still practices her nursing profession as she likes to be helpful to the people and operates in offering travels to Tanzania, be it a safari, Trekking, Motorbike adventure, Self-drive safaris, or beach holidays in Zanzibar.
Philippa is the perfect contact for any Scandinavian looking for a holiday gateway or adventure in Tanzania.


Having being guides ourselves, we know firsthand that the quality of a guide is the single most important factor to the success of any safari, be it a budget or a high-end one. Because Safari guides hold it in their hands to make or break dreams, we handpick, train and test all our guides on a continuous basis, ensuring that each one of them is well versed in the safari trade and maintains the highest guiding ethics.